About us


Thalassery Mission Hospital is a leading health care provider in Thalassery. The health care verticals of the hospital primarily comprise of diagnostics, hospital and speciality services and facilities. It is an expert in providing health care and valuable services by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals. It offers state-of-the-art inpatient and Outpatient facilities, focusing on the comfort and safety of patients and their loved ones.

Create a good healthy and cordial atmosphere of trust between those in need of care and caregivers and try to be the most respected health care destination in and around Thalassery.

Our hospital is a —– bedded hospital which started operation on April 15th 2004. It has been set up by a group of 12 eminent doctors of Thalassery and —- shareholders with the vision of providing quality health care at an affordable cost within d reach of every individual.

Our hospital is very close to Thalassery Railway Station, Bus Stand and Airport:

  • Railway Station 500 Meters
  • Bus Stand 900 Meters
  • Airport 23.5 KM


  • To provide compassionate and affordable quality healthcare that fulfils the need and expectations of the patient
  • To provide a good work environment that fosters motivation and commitment in our staff
  • To deliver a community-focused healthcare service with ethical standard and social responsibility


To provide quality and cost-effective care to citizens of all walks of life with compassion and commitment through expert healthcare professionals and advanced technologies, thus assuring patient safety and security.

Hospital Policy

Thalassery Mission Hospital is committed to serve the community by providing high-quality medical care at an affordable price to the satisfaction of patients and strive continuously to improve its services.


  • To achieve maximum efficiency with optimum utilization of resources
  • To use the latest technology to provide high-quality medical care with a human touch
  • To build an effective feedback system to continuously monitor and provide a high standard of service
  • To utilize the services of a highly qualified and eminent consultant