General Medicine

The department aims at quality care to patients of all ages. The major focus being on better care to all, we offer personalised care to people. The department caters to all the general medical needs of patients. Major areas of focus include early detection, screening and prevention. Our experts are also trained to meet the special requisites of the geriatric population. We also offer various health check-up packages as part of preventive care.

Our Panel of Experts:

  • Dr. P.P. Vasudevan (MBBS, MD)
    2.00 P.M To 6.00 P.M (MON-SAT)
  • Dr. C.P. Nazimudheen (MBBS, MD)
    5.30 P.M To 6.30 P.M (MON-SAT)
    9.30 A.M To 1.30 P.M (MON-SAT)
  • Dr. E.V.AZEEZ (M.B.B.S.)
    9.30 A.M To 1.30 P.M (MON-SAT)
    4.30 P.M To 6.30 P.M (MON-SAT)